KOTON MENSUCAT, that has a successfull a name both in the domestic and foreign market  & constantly improves itself, has put into operation in 2010 with its weaving factory. Till today, it continues to produce non-stop. Its product range is very wide and produces various fabrics such as shirting, upholstery and trousers. The aim of Koton Mensucat is to keep the efficiency at a high level ,the costs at a low level and also to have high quality and fastness at the same time.
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WE ARE RESPECTED We respect people,nature, the past and the future. 
WE ARE RESPONSIBLE We are aware that doing business is a human to human activity. We listen with empathy and give quick and appropriate ansvers.
WE ARE RESULT ORIENTED We set clear and specific goals and achieve them. To this end, we provide our people with the best tools and equipment they need.